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Multiple announcements to follow

Announcement 1: New Time


Asy you may know, we have been looking at different options to move all Sunday School classes after Asheya. Unfortunately, there isn't a solution which alleviates all concerns. So, after looking at many options, we are moving forward with the following:

  1. Grade 11/12 class will move to Sunday after liturgy. This should work better for the kids in that group and they will be separate from the older youth group
  2. Grade 8 will move to the Gym and occupy the back half.
  3. Grade 9/10 class will move to the Gym and will occupy the front half
  4. The attached graphic shows the locations of the classes. PLEASE checkout where your class may be

Announcement 2: Servants' Meeting


We would like to hold a Servants' Meeting. June 15th seems to be the date with the least conflict with other services. I  look forward to having you all there and we will be in touch to coordinate.

Announcement 3: Prayer Meeting


I will start holding a prayer meeting every Saturday 8:46 PM to 9:15 PM in Nelly's class.