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Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6Grade 7
1Sherine YassaDalia RamsisFiby ShehataMariam Samaan
2Rafik MedhatEman FakherYouth S: Selvana S.Ayman Nashed
3Randa AminYouth S: Raphael S.Youth S: Carol KYouth S: Priyanka S.
4Youth S: Marina AYouth S: Gina S.Nicole Dawood*Youth S: Magdalia R.
5Youth S: Jessica Y.Youth S: Mina A.*

Volunteers as needed:

Eman Ghobrial (Admin)Evette Kassis (Admin)

Youth S: Mina A *Youth S: Kirollos G.*Youth S: Marina G.*

Youth S: Mina S.*Youth S: Lydia Gabra*


  1. The grade 12+U1 group has 4 distinct sub-groups:
    1. Gr 12 and U1 who serve:
      1. These will attend their service on Sunday
      2. After their service, they attend a servants meeting bi-weekly, once as e-servants only and once with an “all-servants meeting”.
      3. For the U1 who serve, there will be (God willing) a university group meeting organized, hopefully on a different day other than Sunday.
    2. Gr 12 who do NOT serve
      1. These will be joined with the Gr 11 for this coming year.
    3. U1 who do NOT serve
      1. These can be given the option to be with Gr 11 on Sundays or participate with the university youth group and attend on whichever day is decided.
      2. Keep in mind, the meeting of the “University” youth group is not set yet. Currently all youth meet on Sundays but we are working on a separate group for university age.
  2. Servants meetings will be limited to no more than 1-hour, bi-weekly, as follows:
    1. Sunday School from 2:30 – 4:00
    2. 15 minute break
    3. Servants meeting from 4:15 – 5:15