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  1. 2020-2021 Servants Distribution

    Mary Gerges Grades > 10 General & Social Amanuel Habte Grades > 7 General & Social ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolMar 25, 2021
  2. Rules to support the return of Sunday School Service to the church facilities-April 2021

    Sunday SchoolMar 31, 2021
  3. Middle School Rules (Saturdays)

    door towards the crying room and call me so we can send your child out. ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolNov 18, 2020
  4. High School Group Rules (Fridays)

    no congregating in the hallway or parking lot ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolNov 18, 2020
  5. Easter 2020 Video Message

    Sunday SchoolApr 20, 2020
  6. Rules to support the return of Sunday School service to the church facilities

    as soon as possible: Hand sanitizer dispensers  Portable hand sanitizers  Chemical solution  Masks  ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolJul 15, 2020
  7. 2019-2020 Servants Distribution

    Preperation ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolSep 09, 2020
  8. New Sunday School time... Prayer & Servants' Meeting

    to participate. May the Lord listen and give us success for the sake of our kids. ss-announcements … Dear Servants, Multiple announcements to follow Announcement 1: June 15th, 4:30 PM, All-Servants' Meeting   We would like to hold an all-Servants
    Sunday SchoolJun 04, 2019
  9. All-Servants Meeting - Sunday, Sept 15th

    prayers and input for the success of this service. ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolSep 12, 2019
  10. Remote Sunday School Services

    and return us to his church in the near future. God Bless and Best Regards, Sunday School Services Team ss-announcements
    Sunday SchoolMar 28, 2020