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A Painting by: Marina Attalla

A work of Art

A painting by: Angelina Menshawy


A work of Art

A drawing by: Philopateer Yousef


A Drawing by: Rebecca Khalil

A Work of Art

A painting by: Eliana Faltas



A photograph by: Juliana Shehata


Spring too

A Photograph

Piano Piece

A Piano Performance by: David Shenouda

The Historical Jesus - Part 3

A study by: Mena Abdelsayed


Hosanna In The Highest

A musical composition by: Michael Mansour


A Piano Piece

A Piano Piece by: George Shehata

I am John the Beloved (Arabic)

A spoken poem by: Dr. Esther Shehata


The Mediator

A Short film by: Amir Shehata


A Short Comedy by: George Ghabour & Lucas Gerges

I'm fine

A Comedy Skit by: George & David Ghabour

When I don't think He answers

Video Edited by: Maria Yousef


A Praise of Thanksgiving

Hymn by: The Good Shepherd Choir
Video Directed & Edited by: Samuel Guindi

A Poem (Arabic)

A poem by: Hossam Faltas

Turning Point - Episode 01

A script by: Amir Shehata


The Lord is My Shepherd

Handiwork by: Nancy Khalil


The Good Shepherd

Handiwork by: Nancy Khalil


Various Works

Handiwork by: David Shenouda