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A Painting by: Marina Attalla


A painting by: Angelina Menshawy

Finn Wolfhard

A Drawing by: Chantal Serour

Love Yourself

A painting by: Mary Shady

Mother of God

A painting by: Marina Habib

The Slowest Thing

A painting by: Juliana Shehata

A work of Art

A drawing by: Rebecca Khalil

Night Lights

A photograph by: Raphael Shehata

A Composition

A photograph by: Priyanka Singham

This photograph represents a compositional layout following the rule of thirds which is: a subject on either the right or left vertical third. In this case the white building lays on the right vertical third- allowing leading lines from the road to the focal point. Most would regard this composition to be a horizon line at the top which is a 50% ground-50% above. This is also following the rule of thirds.

Wet Year

A photograph by: Raphael Shehata

A Composition

A photograph by: Priyanka Singham

An essential target in photography is adding a focus on an art element. this doesn’t mean to take a picture of a picture but the meaning of an art element in photography is pushing creativity by including an interesting position where it creates leading lines or focuses on a specific principle (line, shape, repetition, movement, contrast, and texture). In this case, placing completely different objects on top of each other creates a kind of repetition and texture. The small empty space just balances and helps it stay in contrast.


A presentation by: Marcos and Lucas Gerges

The Historical Jesus - Part 1

A study by: Mena Abdelsayed

Great Are You Lord

A song performed by: Marina Habib, Olivia Botros, Marim Nobar and Silvia Naidu
Original song by: All Sons & Daughters

Away in a Manger

A song by: Davide Shenouda

Blessed are those (Arabic)

A spoken poem by: Dr. Esther Shehata

The Strange Woods

A movie by: Raphael Shehata

When the Villain Has No Idea What They're Doing

A film by: George and David Ghabour

Communication Problems

A film by: St. George Vancouver Youth

Taste His Words

A musical composition by: Michael Mansour

Lessons from the book of Jonah

An article by: Mr. Ayad Azer

Poem (Arabic)

A poem: Hossam Faltas

Personal Experiences

An interview with: Dr. Salah Ragheb

The Woman in White

A short story by: Amir Shehata

Various Works

Handiwork by: Samia Saad


Various Works

Handiwork by: Souzy Ghattas



Handiwork by: Mark Morcus


Cross-stitching art by: Nancy Khalil

A work of Art

Handiwork by: Lobna Sadek