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A Painting by: Marina Attalla

Happy Birthday

A painting by: Angelina Menshawy

Louis Partridge

A Drawing by: Chantal Serour


A painting by: Samer Said

Pope Cyril

A painting by: Marina Habib

Night Sky

A painting by: Juliana Shehata


A painting by: Eliana Faltas

A work of Art

A drawing by: Philopateer Yousef

The Samaritan Woman

A drawing by: Philopateer Mettias

The Snowy Field

A painting by: Veronica Shehata

The Prodigal Son

A drawing by: Riva Mettias

The Moon

A painting by: Amelia Shehata

Frosted Path

A photograph by: Raphael Shehata

A Composition

A photograph by: Priyanka Singham

The Story of Gideon

A presentation by: George Ibrahim

The Historical Jesus - Part 2

A study by: Mena Abdelsayed

Revelation Song

A song performed by: Marina Habib, Olivia Botros, Marim Nobar and Silvia Naidu
Original song by: SOMM Worship

The Story of Gideon

A presentaiton by: David Yousef

I'm the Apostle Paul (Arabic)

A spoken poem by: Dr. Esther Shehata

No One Answers

A film by: St. George Vancouver Youth

How Kind is the Lord

A musical composition by: Michael Mansour

Easter 3D Clip

3D art by: Amir Shehata

Silent Night

A piano piece by: David Shenouda

If the LORD had not been on our side

An original hymn by: The Harvest Team

The Old Man and the Bird

A script by: Amir Shehata

Various Works

Handiwork by: Samia Saad


St. Mary

Handiwork by: Arthanious Hana