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Floater Schedule


Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9/10Grade 10/11

Gr 7
Gr 8
Gr 9
Gr 10/11

Marina Bishara

Joanna Fahmy

Nicole Dawood

Rania Atef

Marwan Maher

Galil Fahmy

Mariam Rafik


The Vanguards

Team MembersDescription
Marwan Maher

The vanguards: the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.

The role of this team is

  • get to know the boys in the classes and be their buddies
  • Come up with ideas for spiritual activities, outings, sports, etc which are suitable for the boys
  • Determine the interests/hobbies of the boys and see how we can motivate them

Jesus Christ Savior Outreach (JCSO)

Team MembersDescription
Rania Atef, Galil Fahmy, Rim Ghaly, Dalia Ramsis, Hanaa Haddad, Ragaee Youssef

The seekers: Seek out and bring back those who are wondering

The role of this team is

  • Identify the people who are in need for one-to-one attention
  • Identify the people who are not interested or are losing interest in church and understand why
  • Develop strategies on how to keep them interested. Work along side the class servants and coordinator on the strategies
  • Reach out and work one-on-one with those who need it

The Artificers

Team MembersDescription
Nicole Dawood, Mariam Rafik, Joanna Fahmy, Marina Bishara (starting 2020)

The artificers: Create and innovate new and artistic methods to reach the kids

The role of the team is:

  • Devise new methods (activities/crafts/...) to reach the kids in a group setting
  • Work along side class servants to organize activity days/retreats
  • Work along side class servants to come up with innovative methods to deliver the lessons.


It should be understood that we're all serving the same group of kids, so there will be overlap in the service. In order to avoid conflicts, we should emphasize two key things:

  1. Communication: Before going ahead with an activity communicate with the coordinator and the class servants
  2. Team work: Respect the boundaries of other servants and be flexible if there are other ideas or suggestions.