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Intent & Purpose

Everything needs to be done with intent. Every shot has to have a reason. Without reason compositions will hold no interest. The following are guidelines which help you deliver your intent. These are not hard rules. If you don't follow them you'll not necessarily end up with something bad, but if you choose to not follow them, then you have to have a reason not too. In all cases, it's good to understand them before you decide to break them.

What’s Framing and Composition?

The arrangement of the elements which make up an image

  • Good framing -> elements are arranged with intent and a detectable method
  • Bad framing -> no intent. no symmetry. no organization

Guidelines to get good Compositions

Rule of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds Explained - CaptureLandscapes

Center framing

Looking room

Female Scientist Carries Out Research, Looking Through A Microscope. Medium Shot With A Dolly ...

Head Room

Lead Room, Nose Room or Looking Space - Neil Oseman

Leading Lines


Repetition and Patterns in Photography

Frame within a Frame

Use a Frame Within a Frame to Add Depth and Context to a Photo

Reconnect with the iconic images of Monitor photographer Gordon Converse -