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General Information

We are considering  a car pooling service to and from sunday school

The idea is that when you register you will be grouped with a couple of other parents close by to you geographically  and a schedule  will be made  so you will have a turn once a month to drop your child with another 2 or 3 depending  on the spots in your car and it will rotate on the 3 to 4 families.

A picking and dropping spot might be chosen to simplify the process in certain cases when the area covered is very large.

If you are interested  to be part of this service

Please fill out the form below

With how many spots you have  in your car and your exact address and who are the closest  families  to you.

If you need this service but can't drive other kids also specify that .

Registration Form


Enter '0' if you can't help carpool but need someon to drive your children to Sunday School

Enter the names of the people who are close by that you can carpool with.

Please enter your children names

Please let us know any extra information that would help us group you. And if you can't be a driver, please let us know why.