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  1. Fixed class servants (in Red) are planned such that they attend their assigned class every time.
    1. The first two names in the list are intended as the "Lead Servants" and their responsibility is the overall management of all class activities and arranging with other servants on the list as needed.
  2. Youth servants, Graduates of Servants Preparation Program (in Purple) are our younger generation of servants who we pray will eventually take active roles in the future as they grow in their service of Christ.
    1. This group is only shown in temporary positions which will be firmed-up during September and after discussing with each of them.
    2. As this group start getting established in their service, they will be offered more key roles within the service, God willing.
  3. Flexible Floater servants (in Green):
    1. Is the team of servants who will have flexibility to move between classes within each group (e.g. Babies to Gr. 3 OR Gr.4 to Gr.6).
    2. There will be a schedule prepared by each group's coordinator specifying floater servants assignments as needed. 
    3. Floater servants will know their schedule ahead of time. This will give them an opportunity to contact the fixed class servant they are assigned with and prepare for what they will do when they attend.
    4. Question: Why have floater servants? Answer: (1) Gives us flexibility to fulfill Sunday School needs and ratio between servants & kids. (2) Spread our skills between all classes within the age group. (3) Leverage some specialty skills of some servants between different classes, e.g. arts/crafts, observation and behavior evaluation etc. (4) Allows for team-building between different groups of servants which will help the dynamics of servants working together. (5) Allow more servants to know more kids which makes for a better support for kids in the future. (6) Accommodate servants who can't commit full-time due to their personal circumstances.
    5. Question: Will floater servants prepare a lesson every time? Answer: NO. They may prepare a lesson, help with an activity or just attend to support the number of kids in a class.
    6. Question: How will a floater servant know what to do when they are assigned to a specific class for 2 or 3 weeks. Answer: Floater servant is expected to contact the fixed class servants and work with them to understand what the need is and be prepared accordingly. Coordinate, Collaborate, Communicate!
  4. Guest Speaker Servants: Are servants who have specific experience and/or talent. They will be requested to prepare a curriculum of topics relevant to their experience which will be shared with the applicable age groups throughout the Sunday School year.

Full Time / Fixed Class Servants: Primarily responsible for all class activities.

Flexible Floater/Part-time servants: Share presence and skills between multiple classes.

Youth S: Are youth servants who just completed the servants prep program. Likely to start in October or November.

HallCouch RoomGym

BabiesKG / Pre S.Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3
Grade 4Grade 5Grade 6
1Rasha MitrySouzy KhalilMarian GhabourSylvia OsamaMarian Ihab1Eman FakherHoly HannaMariam Samaan
2Anne BarhomaJackleen SadekSusan YoussefYasmine BishayRanda Amin2Mariana SabaSandra NaguibDalia Ramsis
Mirette MinaSherry MegallyNaglaa BenyaminMariam Shehata3Sherine Yassa
Hossam Saba

4Rafik Medhat

Flex Floater 1Marie-Rose Suzan BenjaminMonica MauriceTamirane EkladiousRasha BaghouriFlex Floater 1
Fiby ShehataEman Ghobrial (Admin)
Flex Floater 2Lobna KantalNancy B. KhalilSally MitrySally EzzatIreine AymanFlex Floater 2
Youth S: Kiro G.Youth S: Marina G.
Flex Floater 3
Youth S: Jessica Y.Youth S: Gina S.Youth S: Melody F.Youth S: Laura S.Flex Floater 3Youth S: Marina A.Youth S: Carol KYouth S: Magdalia R.
Flex Floater 4
Youth S: Nadeen M.Youth S: Jomana M.Youth S: Clara G. *Youth S: Mathew S.Flex Floater 4Youth S: Mina A.*Youth S: Selvana S. *Youth S: Lydia Gabra *

Couch Room
GymChurchHall 2
Hall 1

Friday Night ServiceSunday Service

Grade 7Grade 8Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11/12
Friday Youth 12/U1Servants PrepSenior Youth
1Nermin AymanMariam RafikAyman MorcosHanaa HaddadAmir Shehata1Alfred ZaghloolNelly MenshawySteve Faltas
2Abir BekhitMira MishrikyNancy AzerJohn RizkHany Eryan2Daniel HaddadGeorge ShehataNancy Azer
3Galil FahmyMarwan MaherYoussef GergesMaro HabibRim Ghaly3Marie Haddad
Maro Habib
4Ayman NashedRonnie NobarJoanna FahmyNicole Dawood
4Carolyn Sorial
Martin Noubar
Flex Floater 1Mona OnsyNelly MenshawyRagaii YoussefMina Gad
5Joanna Fahmy
Peter Ibrahim
Flex Floater 2Manal EzzAmanuel Habte
Rania Atef

Flex Floater 3Tarek Khalil


Flex Floater 4Youth S: Samuel G.
Youth S: Christine S.Youth S: Alex M.

Flex Floater 5Youth S: Samuel G.
Youth S: Marize F.Youth S: Marina E.

Guest Speakers for Sunday School:AgesTopicsCoptic IdentityServants MeetingAt Large - When Needed

Christine SorialGrades > 8General & SocialRemon YoussefFiby ShehataBotros Gerges

Manal EzzGrades > 7Addiction Issues (Preventative, Therapy)Marian MakarMervat RofailMina Riad

Manal TomaGrades > 4Psychology and behavior
Remon YoussefEvette Ibrahim

Mervat RoufailGrades > 4Apologetics
Marian MakarYouth S: Raphael S.

Peter IbrahimGrades >7Church Traditions, Spiritual

Botros GergesGrades > 5Technology and Life

Emad IbrahimGrades > 6Church Traditions, Spiritual

Mona ElmasryGrades > 4Psychology and behavior

Mary GergesGrades > 10General & Social

Amanuel HabteGrades > 7General & Social