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Attendees: Manal Yostos, Manal Ezz, Mervat Roufaeel, Murium Shehata, Mona Bissada, Mariam Gerges, Reem, Randa, Nelly, Dalia, Galil, John Rizk, Rasha, Souzy R., Fiby, Hossam, Mariana, Marian Ghabour, Ayman, George S. (Total: 20 servants)

Theme: "And do not be conformed to this world, but BE TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God." (Romans 12:2)

Main take-away:

  1. It is very important to include different strategies to make Sunday School more effective.
  2. In general, people retain 10% of what they listen to, 20% of what they read and 30% of what they see. Therefore, in order to maximize the amount of information kids retain from a Sunday School lesson, we need to have a mix of all of these items in our activities.
  3. A general rule, kids attention in minutes = Age + 7 (example, a 10 year old child can focus on one thing for no more than 17 minutes). Hence it is important to have varied activities related to the topic we are trying to teach to help them retain the information.

We talked about "TARGET" where we as servants can focus on the first 4 items (TARG) and God completes the other 2 (ET):

  1. T = Testament (We need to have a Word of God component from the Bible).
  2. A = Audience (We need to have something to share with the Audience; Visual, Audio, Reading, etc. A mix is always good to reach kids with different learning styles).
  3. R = Realistic (We need to share a realistic story that they can relate to like Christ shared parables with people to understand the teachings).
  4. G = Games (We need to have some type of game for the kids to participate in and make the lesson interesting).
  5. E = Effect (God gives the grace for our work to take effect. Remember to "LIVE WHAT YOU PREACH" because kids are very sensitive to this).
  6. T = Transformation (God is the only one able to truly Transform peoples hearts).

Moving forward we agreed on the following:

  1. All servants attending in a class should take the time to plan for the SS class lesson, not only the servant delivering the lesson.
  2. Each group of class servants and floater servants to sit together at the end of every class for 15-20 minutes and plan the next SS lesson. Creative ideas come easier when more than one person are discussing a topic. This will also help all servants to be on the same page during the lesson.
  3. The servant who is leading the lesson, need to start as early as possible and take the time to come up with ideas for the lesson and share it with other servants. Preparing  the night before or the day of the service is not recommended.

May the lord bless all your lives, families, homes and service.

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